The new year and new year’s resolutions are here! I’m sure everyone, at least once, has set themselves up with a new years resolution and not followed it through. Here are some how to tips in order to help you follow through and succeed with your resolution this year.

1. Set a manageable and realistic goals that YOU want to achieve

That means goals you can achieve by making one change at a time. Overwhelming yourself will discourage you from trying to achieve what you set out to do. Also, make sure it is a goal that you truly want to achieve and is not something that you have set out due to others or societies expectations of you. If you feel like it is something you “should” do the chances are you are doing it because you feel you have to not because you truly want to. Having a desire and feeling positive emotions towards what you want to accomplish is essential for success.

3. Frame your goal in a positive light

As I mentioned above it is very important to feel positive emotions towards your goal and framing your goal in a positive light can really help with that. If your goal is to lose weight and you frame your goal as lose 15lbs you will be focusing on how you have more weight to lose. However, if you frame your goal as striving to be a healthier weight you can to focus on being healthier and making healthier choices everyday. This allows you to focus on the positive of being healthier.

3. Set benchmarks along the way that can help keep you motivated and on track 

Make small goals for yourself every week to keep you motivated but also on track. For example, if you have a goal of being a healthier weight maybe this week’s goal would be to go to the gym 3 times. Next week’s goal could be taking the stairs whenever possible. The week after, eating 2 different vegetables at every meal. Use small, manageable goals that help to contribute and keep your on track.

4. Don’t tell everyone!

Research shows telling people your goal makes you believe you have already achieved it and lowers your motivation towards completing it. Hold you goals close to your vest and only tell those who will be helping you achieve your goal(s).

5. Ask for help

There are many practitioners with the skills and knowledge out there who can help you achieve your goals (ie, Trainers, Life coaches, Nutritionists – we do all of this!). Do not be afraid to ask someone for help if you lack the knowledge or the know how.

6. Believe in yourself and stop negative self talk

You will always be your harshest critic. Support yourself along the way and believe you can achieve whatever you set out to do. If your goal is to get a strict pull-up and you believe your upper body is weak it probably isn’t going to happen. Tell yourself multiple times per day you are strong and don’t stop until that becomes your default belief.


Goal: To eat healthier
Help: Work with a nutritionist
Limiting factor: blood sugar management causing cravings
Micro-goal: Avoid blood sugar spikes
Positive thought: I love eating healthy, it makes me feel amazing!


Goal: To do a pistol (one-legged squat)
Help: Ask your coach or trainer to help identify your limiting factor (ie. strength, flexibility, stability)
Limiting factor: Ankle flexibility
Micro-goal: Do ankle mobility for 10 minutes 5 days this week
Positive thought: My ankles are flexible and mobile. I can do pistols with ease!

Take some time to consider what goal speaks to you and what you desire to achieve. If you already have a goal remember frame it in a positive light.

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Josh & Lauren

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