Weight loss program toronto

Weight Loss Program Toronto:

Note: only 3 spots remaining

The Weight Loss Program Toronto is designed to make you feel great because you deserve it!

Finally, a program that works for you!

Weight loss program Toronto: Weight loss can be difficult, frustrating and feel almost impossible, it doesn’t have to be. With the right support and tools you too can lose the weight because nothing is impossible. It is time to take control of your health and life so you too can feel great everyday!

This is a 6 week program which includes 3x/week at home personal training and a 6 week online nutrition and lifestyle course teaching you how to eat for better health and lose weight along the way. Therefore, you will leave this 6-week program with much more knowledge on how to be healthly. During the personal training session I will be able to answer any questions you have and provide additional guidance because I am here to support you!

The Benefits of at home training:

You do not need a gym or any equipment in order for us to accomplish effective weight loss. I will bring what we need because all you need to do is bring your best effort that day. At home training saves you time, gives you a comfortable feeling but it also helps transform your home into a space of health and well-being!

Benefits of this program:

Weight loss program toronto

Weight loss program toronto

– Increase Energy
– Confidence Boost
– Improve mental outlook
– Fat Loss
– Increase Lean Muscle Mass
– Prevent Osteoporosis
– Decrease Stress
– Increase Mobility 
– Decrease Joint Pain or Discomfort
– Improve Strength
– Increase Stamina
– Have fun! 


6-week Program: $999.00

I also have semi-private (2-3 individuals) please contact if interested. 

My deep passion is for fitness and health and helping people achieve their goals and fitness dreams. I was the Head CrossFit Coach of CrossFit RevMMA for 2 years due to helping many clients improve their fitness and lose weight along the way. My expertise apply to all types of training due to my extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning as well as mobility. I am certified in the lower extremity Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA) and Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), I use these to determine what needs to be done to get your body functioning optimally without pain.

The variety of modalities used in my training programs: strength training, interval training, mobility work, movement, yoga & gymnastics. You don’t have to have any experience because we will work together on developing the skills that fit your weight loss goal.

If you experience any stiffness or pain, I can put a program together so those issues will be alleviated. By putting a focus on muscle activation and mobility we can get your muscles working efficiently again. You will be shocked how much better life feels!

If you are interested in the weight loss program Toronto and would like a free consultation please contact us by email or phone 647-542-2211 to set it up today!

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Weight loss program Toronto

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